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CUP, LLC started as a business in Huerfano County June 2015 and is an independently owned and operated company (a one woman show) roasting free, fair and direct trade coffees from around the globe. Sourcing green coffees mainly from Café Imports located in Minnesota, and a few other small purveyors from New York, NY and Oakland, CA CUP strives to bring out the best flavor profiles recommended by the farmers and suppliers. Delivering freshly roasted beans to your local market, vendor or restaurant in Huerfano and Las Animas Counties.

We strive to bring out the best flavor  profiles recommended by the farmers & suppliers.

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Craft Roasted

Roasting at over 9000 feet in altitude in the pristine air of the southern Sangre de Cristo Mountains, utilizing old world methods of sight, smell and sound to roast very small batches, 2.5 pounds or smaller, with new technologically advanced roasters.   This enables Michele to ‘drop’ a roast if it hits its target temperature and exterior bean color earlier than expected due to varying factors such as barometric pressure, wind, outside temperature and humidity in the air.  We do not generally provide large amounts of Whole Bean Coffee ounces or pounds to locations in order to ensure the local market has the freshest roasted coffee!  You can always let CUP know by phone or email if beans are low and you would like to have a specific coffee delivered to a specific vendor/market or mailed directly to you!

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Michele Owner/Roaster with Jackson & Moses Swai at the Swai Family

Coffee Farm located at the base of  

Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania 2/22

My name is Michele George Appel.  I was born in Canton Ohio.  I am a seamstress by trade and moved to San Francisco at 20 years of age and began to work in the legal field. I then moved to Colorado in the early 90's.

I have lived in Huerfano County for over 25 years and am an experienced paralegal; obtaining my B.S. degree from Skidmore College/UWW in New York.  I spent from 1994 until 1997 working for a local attorney; who first introduced me to fresh roasted coffee, and then I became a full-time social worker specializing in youth who were at-risk, in trouble with the law, runaway and/or homeless, and coordinated various federal and state programs for children and families.

All the while, I kept roasting coffee beans for myself and giving them away to family and friends.  In late 2014 as grants and contract renewals were on the horizon, I decided it was time to step away and do something else that was perhaps not as stressful but just a rewarding.  So as June 2015 approached, I became more serious about starting a coffee business of some kind and settled on roasting and selling quality fresh roasted coffee to my community and thus, CUP came to fruition.


When eco-touring the Central American rainforests in 1998, I became much more conscientious about the environment and my impact on it.  You've never seen green until you've been in a rainforest!  I realized then the importance of working to ‘save’ this planet we call ‘home’ - for all the generations to come.


I recycle and try to the best of my ability to not throw food away - there are lots of hungry children and companion animals out there in the world.  I often think to myself; if every person who told me they couldn't make a difference would do just one thing - then it would be a whole lot of people doing one thing to make a difference and a difference would be made - whatever it may be.   


All the products used at Cup Coffee are 100% compostable, biodegradable or recyclable.



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